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Care Home FAQs

Below are some of the common questions we get asked. We hope they help give you a bit more information about life at Alfriston Court.

If you would like further information or to discuss your individual needs please contact our care team.


Sadly, pets are not allowed at Alfriston Court due to the vulnerable nature of some of our residents. If you are a dog lover, you will be pleased to know that the owner has a much-loved dog that visits regularly and we do welcome any pets known to the Manager for visits!

That’s up to you. The Home has an insurance policy in place that provides cover for property with a value of up to £1000. The first £250 is not covered. If you have items you with to insure worth either less that £250 or more than £1000 we recommend you obtain your own contents insurance policy. We do have a safe in the Nurses’ Office which Residents are welcome to use.

All permanent contracts include a trial period, where either side can pull out, without penalty or notice, in the first four weeks. Alternatively, you can book two weeks respite and then move to a permanent contract.

Yes. We are fully open for family and friends to visit. As a result of Covid-19 the guidelines do change periodically, but generally speaking you will be required to book ahead if possible and to do an LFD Test in the foyer on arrival.

Yes, but we do suggest they take one of our double rooms or two rooms close together if possible, because care needs are individual and the Care Staff often require access on both sides of the bed to assist a Resident.

Yes. Our Head Chef is trained and well used to catering for a wide variety of special dietary needs and requirements. During your initial assessment consultation with our Manager all your needs will be discussed.

Yes. Please let us know how we can assist you in practicing your faith. We have a strong relationship with the Parish locally both Anglican and Catholic. At key holidays, we do host services in the Home for our Residents who would like to attend.

The rooms are fully furnished with a bed side table, chest of drawers, wardrobe and one or two armchairs. You can of course bring in personal items of furniture precious and important to you as well as any pictures you would like us to hang in your room.

It is rare, but yes. We put together an individual care package with our highly experienced Care Team. However, if we feel we can no longer meet your care needs we may mutually agree with your relatives that another home may be better suited to meet your care needs. Should you wish to terminate your contract a month’s notice is required.


Yes, we accept funding from the NHS and Local Authorities, however should this not cover the full amount of the Weekly Fee then the residual fee remains payable by either the resident and/or their third-party contributor. Should funding be withdrawn, the resident and/or their third-party contributor will remain liable for the full cost of the Weekly Fee.

Depending on your individual circumstances you may be eligible for Local Authority or NHS funding.  If you are self-funding you may be eligible for Attendance Allowance.  Our Manager and Operations Manager will be able to advise you about the options which may be available. In the event that you qualify for some form of third party funding please note that you will still remain liable for payment of the Fee. We strongly suggest that you seek independent financial advice to explore any potential funding opportunities.

Your Weekly Fee includes:

  • the right to occupy your suite
  • use of the dining room for breakfast, lunch and evening meal
  • use of appointed communal areas and gardens
  • optional participation in our activities programmes
  • housekeeping services
  • toiletries

Services provided which are not included within the Weekly Fee are charged for separately. Such services may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • hairdressing services
  • newspapers
  • chiropody
  • physiotherapy
  • taxi services and other transportation
  • costs associated with the accompaniment to offsite appointments
  • incontinence products

Weekly fees increase annually according to CPIH plus up to 6%, with effect from the 1st of May each year, having provided 28 days’ notice to you of our intention to do so.

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We’re delighted to announce we have a very limited number of standard rooms & luxury rooms available. 

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