Immediate Admissions are often necessary for elderly people and their families who face a sudden crisis point, we make that process gentle, welcoming and easy.

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As family-run care homes, Alfriston Court Care Home in Alfriston, East Sussex recognise the need for immediate admissions for elderly people who suddenly face a crisis point due to a variety of reasons such as sudden illness, injury, or caregiver burnout. Both homes have created a rapid admission process that is gentle, welcoming, and makes it as easy as possible for these individuals and their families. Here’s how we do it:

Streamlined Admission Procedures:

We have streamlined admissions processes specifically designed for urgent situations. Our dedicated nursing and care staff are available to handle inquiries 24/7 and work to handle admissions promptly, ensuring that paperwork and administrative tasks are minimised, and the needs of the incoming resident and their family are prioritised.

Responsive Communication:

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Alfriston Court Care Home maintain open lines of communication with potential residents and their families, for example, by promptly returning calls, answering questions, providing reassurance to alleviate any concerns or anxieties and by keeping family updated with all progress both during and after admission. 

Flexible Accommodation Options:

We understand that immediate admissions may not allow for extensive pre-planning, both our homes offer flexible accommodation options to accommodate new residents quickly. This could involve reserving a room for emergency admissions and ensuring that essential amenities are readily available upon arrival. For example, sometimes we have even gone to buy a set of clothes and toiletries for new residents in crisis where their clothes are no longer sanitary or fit for purpose and their families are not local.

Compassionate Support:

Staff members at both facilities are trained and experienced in providing compassionate support and guidance to families during the admission process. This may include offering emotional support, listening attentively to the concerns and preferences of the family, and addressing any special needs or requests with empathy and understanding. We also recognise that sometimes, family is a long way away or unable to help for whatever reason and very worried about their loved one and they need us to stand in the gap during that time.

Collaboration with External Agencies:

Alfriston Court Care Home may collaborate closely with external agencies such as hospitals, social services, and healthcare professionals to facilitate smooth and efficient admissions for individuals in crisis. This could involve coordinating transportation, arranging for medical assessments, and ensuring continuity of care throughout the transition process.

Warm Welcome and Orientation: 

Upon arrival, new residents and their families are greeted with a warm welcome and provided with a comprehensive orientation to the facility. This may include introducing them to key staff members, familiarising them with the layout and amenities of the home, and addressing any immediate needs or concerns to ensure a smooth transition.

All this comes naturally to us and is our bread and butter. In doing this, Alfriston Court Care Home show our commitment to providing compassionate, responsive and effective care to elderly people and their families during times of crisis, making the admission process as gentle, welcoming, and easy as possible.

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